Craig Quackenbush is a New York-based novelist, writer, and editor.  Craig’s debut novel will be released upon an unsuspecting public in 2015.

Craig was the first place winner of the Abbey Hill Literary Second Quarter 2010 fiction contest.  Read his story “Tone”.

Craig edited the 300-page short story anthology Falling From the Sky (Another Sky Press).  The book, which features over thirty writers, was released in May of 2007.

As a freelance writer he has contributed a multitude of features, interviews, and theater reviews to a number of publications including Show Business Weekly, Talent in Motion, and Lucid, Connecticut; and was a contributing writer for Los Angeles-based Specialty Publications’ multi-titled national magazines.

Craig holds a degree in Broadcast Journalism and studied film at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco.  He has written and directed a couple of short films, dabbled in acting, and has written several screenplays.  His latest screenplay, Small World, recounts his time living and working at a residential hotel in San Francisco’s seedy Tenderloin district.

Astoria, Queens is home.  Craig is a night owl by nature.  He is also an idealist, and an optimistic pessimist, which is reflected in his work.  Believing that “life is too short not to notice”, it is his aim as a writer to document the world through his occasionally bent, but always honest voice.

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